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Insufficient or Negligent Security

Many personal injury cases arise when property owners fail to provide adequate security measures on their properties. In many cases, these accidents could have been easily preventable if reasonable measures were taken to secure the property, including utilizing security guards, installing and monitoring security cameras, and providing enough lighting in places like hallways and parking lots.

Injuries and accidents can occur in a variety of places with negligent security, including:

  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Universities
  • Bus or train stations
  • Hospitals
  • The workplace
  • Restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • Motels and hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • ATMs

What Types of Injuries Can Negligent Security Cause?

If property owners are remiss in their duties to protect their visitors, a number of serious and sometimes fatal accidents and injuries can result.

Examples of potential injuries can include:

  • Robbery
  • Abduction
  • Rape, molestation, or other sexual assault
  • Physical assault
  • Death

Don’t suffer for another’s carelessness! If it can be proven that an injury caused by violent crime occurred because of negligent or inadequate security measures, the owner of the property can be held responsible to pay compensation under premises liability law. At Ferguson & Paisley, LLC, we can help you with that proof!

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