Crash Avoidance Technology (CAT) Systems May Impact Trucking Accidents in Georgia

Commercial vehicles, in particular tractor trailer trucks, are becoming extremely technologically advanced. The trucking industry continues to spend millions of dollars on advanced crash avoidance systems as manufacturers, trucking companies and commercial truck drivers face significant money judgments for negligent operation of commercial vehicles. One such system is frequently known in industry circles as Crash Avoidance Technology (CAT).

CAT systems are intended to warn commercial truck drivers of impending accidents before they happen. This is usually accomplished by sensors that are placed around the vehicle by the truck manufacturer. For example, Forward Collisions Warning (FCW) systems warn a truck driver when he/she is getting too close to a vehicle or obstruction in front of a truck through an audible tone or by automatically decelerating the tractor in an effort to avoid a collision.

In our experience, these technological advances tend to show up in cases where a Georgia trucking accident victim has been injured by a commercial truck that was manufactured between 2007 and 2015. Many times drivers and trucking companies find ways to bypass these systems in an effort to deliver freight faster than their competition at the expense of the public and injury victims. By willfully ignoring these technological advances, truck drivers and trucking companies may expose themselves to punitive damages.

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