Ferguson & Paisley, LLC Settles Car Wreck Case for $1.3 Million

Our teenage client was hanging out with his friends one evening and needed a ride home early the next morning. Our client was driven by his buddy (the Defendant in this case) to the client’s apartment. On the way, our client fell asleep in the passenger seat. Around dawn on this mid-November morning, there was steady rain and dense fog. While our client/passenger was asleep, the driver increased his speed to 89 miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic, and while roaring around a sharp curve, lost control of his car, skidding off the roadway over 100 feet, and wrapped the passenger side of the vehicle around a very large pine tree with impact at 70 miles per hour. Contrary to what one would suspect, neither drugs nor alcohol had anything to do with this wreck.

Our client was transported immediately to the level 1 trauma unit at Kennestone Hospital. He almost bled out internally from his femur fracture. He had over 16 fractures including his shattered femur, at least 4 in his pelvis, his fibula, tibia, multiple rib fractures, collapsed lung, and more. The Client also endured 3 surgeries in the last year. The first surgery was to stabilize him and the last two, to repair his right leg. Doctors used numerous plates, rods, and screws to repair his leg. Although our Client has made a remarkable recovery (he walks almost normally, and has manageable pain levels), he undoubtedly faces numerous health challenges for the rest of his life because of this wreck.

Ferguson & Paisley was fortunate to represent such a great young man with an incredibly supportive family/caregiver(s). The $1,300,000 recovered was the maximum policy limits of the driver’s insurance policies and was therefore the most our client could recover.

James Paisley is Partner at Ferguson & Paisley, LLC, where he helps accident victims recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. Contact Ferguson & Paisley, LLC immediately if you have questions about an accident.

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